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Helicast™ Grouted Helical Pile System

Helicast™ grout pile

Helical piles are factory-manufactured steel deep foundation elements used to penetrate weaker or otherwise unsuitable near-surface material for end-bearing within deep competent soils. The most common solid square and hollow round shaft sizes have outer dimensions generally less than five inches. These piles can be advanced with smaller installation equipment, yet can achieve torque-correlated allowable capacities up to about 65 kips. However, when slender helical piles are advanced through loose, soft, or fluid soils, buckling analyses are considered, which may result in either down-rating the pile capacity and requiring more piles, or upsizing to a larger shaft diameter that can support the design working loads.

The Helicast™ Grouted Helical Pile System generates capacity as a combination of end-bearing and skin friction and may be considered to address a buckling concern or for its other potential benefits.

Design Considerations

Helicast™ piles consist of standard solid square shaft lead and extension sections with a lead displacement plate generally at the first coupler location, and extension displacement plates at each coupler location thereafter. The pile is advanced through a grout reservoir at the surface. The lead displacement plate pushes soil outward and away from the central shaft and allows specialty micropile grout from the reservoir to flow by gravity into the void being created.  Extension displacement plates help to maintain the size and shape of the grout column as the pile is advanced.


For more information about helical piles and the Helicast™ Grouted Helical Pile System, view our Technical Manual and Supplemental Materials in the Technical Information section.

Commercial grouted helical pile installation
Grouting helical pile
FSI Technical Manual
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