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See how PolyLevel® is used to level commercial and industrial slabs and for other municipal applications!

The Supportworks PolyLevel® System utilizes high-density polyurethane to stabilize and level concrete floors and foundations.

With multiple formulas available, PolyLevel® is able to fit the needs of any job, large or small.

PolyLevel® is a two-part urethane polymer that expands into rigid, structural foam to fill voids, stabilize and lift concrete, and offer solutions to a wide range of geotechnical and structural applications.

PolyLevel® has been designed to work under the most extreme circumstances. With wet locations and heavy traffic in mind, PolyLevel® is the best choice for a wide variety of applications.

PolyLevel® Advantages

Lightweight – PolyLevel® weighs approximately 4 pounds per cubic yard, which is significantly less than the 120 pounds per cubic yard of typical fill material. This means there is almost no additional load added to the supporting soils.

High Capacity – Lifting action is a result of the expansion of the polymer, allowing for lift on much higher loads than typical mudjacking that relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under the slab.

Non-Invasive – PolyLevel® equipment can be used in limited access areas, is less messy than other methods, and can installed more quickly.

Accurate Lift – Calculated reaction time of the polyurethane foam allows for a precise lifting operation.

Waterproof – Polyurethane material is waterproof, so it will not wash out, and can be used to under-seal slabs as well as stop a variety of infrastructure leaks.

Cure Time – Quick cure time allows for immediate loading, even heavy traffic, within 15 minutes after injection of the material.

Environmentally Friendly – PolyLevel® is manufactured with recycled material that is safe for the environment.

PolyLevel® System: Before and After

PolyLevel<sup>®</sup> System From Supportworks Installed PolyLevel<sup>®</sup> System From Supportworks Installed

For additional information, including technical product specifications, refer to the Supportworks Technical Manual

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