About Supportworks, Inc. in Omaha, NE

Meet The Team of Supportworks

Below are some of the people you may come into contact with when working with us. We are very proud of our team and the great service they provide to our customers.

Executive Team:

Greg Thrasher


Dave Thrasher


Amanda Harrington

Vice President of Strategy

Tammi Davidson

Senior Director of Finance

Jim Gidley

Senior Advisor

Pat Reiff

Vice President of Operations

Jeff Kortan, P.E.

Senior Director of Engineering

Ryan Hahn

Senior Director of Brand Innovation

Tiffany Seevers

Senior Director of Dealer Performance

Brooke Janousek

Senior Director of Marketing and Creative

Shelly Beachler

Executive Assistant

Ashley Eschliman

Executive Assistant

Dealer Support and Training:

John Becker

Director of Business Development

Kevin Kohler

Director of Sales

David Slobotski

Business Development Manager

Igor Maslanka

Account Manager

Lowell Miller

Account Manager

Jon Erbst

Director of Dealer Performance: Production

Ray Brown

Senior Dealer Performance Coach: Production

Andy Andersen

Dealer Performance Coach: Production

Phil Mandel

Dealer Performance Coach: Production

Nick Rucker

Dealer Performance Coach: Production

Riley Baker

Dealer Performance Coach: Production

Kurtis Kammerer

Director of Dealer Performance: Sales

Stuart Kemmer

Dealer Performance Coach: Sales

Jeff Peters

Dealer Performance Coach: Sales

Justin Burhoop

Dealer Performance Coach: Sales

Darlene Rohlfsen

Director of Dealer Performance: Accounting

Jenny Thompson

Director of Dealer Performance: Customer Care

Matt Witt

Software Trainer

Megan Morris

Dealer Performance Coach: Marketing

Tammy Olson

Instructional Designer

Amy Gunn

Event Manager

Emilie Burch

Event and Training Coordinator


John Matthews, Ph.D.

Director of Technology

Joshua Anstey

Software Product Manager

Tim Park

Quality Coach/Software Support

Ryan Case

Software Engineer

JD Pace

Software Engineer

Evin Brooks

Front-End Developer

Sean Baker

Software Engineer

Brendan Schulz

Software Engineer

Clay Wiese

UX/UI Designer


Amanda Green

Marketing Manager

Kristen Stehno

Marketing Specialist

Elaine Hottovy

Project Manager

Patrick White

Content Creator

Mike Hegberg

Lead Designer

Lindsey Henderson

Graphic Designer

Kyle Oswalt

Graphic Designer

Kelsey Badenhop

Graphic Designer

Tyler Bassinger

Video Production Manager

Adam Wiltgen

Senior Motion Designer

Nick Bowlby

Video Specialist

Mike Lucas

Video Specialist

Kenny Penland

Lead 3D Specialist

Engineering and Product Management:

Jennifer Baker

Director of Brand Innovation

Jennifer Hawthorne

Business Analyst

Kat Hrabovsky

Director of Product Development

Matt Greene

Commercial Project Advisor

Donald A. Deardorff, P.E.

Senior Application Engineer

James Malone

Engineering Project Manager

Kyle Olson, P.E.

Product Engineering Manager: Senior Structural Engineer

Ned Waltz, P.E., S.E.

Structural Engineer

Taylor Kelso

Product Manager

Bob Waldron

Product Manager

Operations and Manufacturing:

Anna Hunter

Community Coordinator

Abby Peters

Director of Procurement

Melissa Hansen

Inventory Planning Supervisor

Tim Peitzmeier

Procurement Specialist

Tim Larson

Warehouse Manager

Kevin Daub

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Chris Ellis

Warehouse Lead

Justin Martin

Warehouse Coordinator: Inventory Control and Receiving

Josh Wiezorek

Rig Builder

Joe Lagemann

Shipping and Receiving Specialists

Marisa Jones

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

Trent Kearney

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

Merle Joslin

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

Dillon Garnette

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

Guy Stevens

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

Man Truong

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

Finance and Accounting:

Joan Campisi


Beth Croft

Senior Accountant

Valerie Ridpath

Staff Accountant

Brent LaSure

General Counsel

Terri Peetz


Human Resources:

Jodi Kearney

Director of HR

Internet & Marketing:

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